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Discover the correct battery voltage for your garden and power tools.

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What Battery Voltage Do I Need?

Discover the Correct Battery Voltage for Your Garden and Power Tools

You know what you want to do, but which battery and voltage will give you the power and runtime to get the job done?

Greenworks offers four battery systems for every garden size to ensure you have the power to get the job done, so you only need to break for tea and not recharge your battery.

Before you know what range suits you, it’s good to understand the voltage and amp-hour ratings…

Guide to the Voltage and Amp-Hour Rating

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What does my battery’s voltage rating mean?

Voltage measures the battery’s energy. A battery’s voltage tells you how much power it can deliver to your gardening tools. The higher the voltage, the more powerful the tool.

For example, a higher voltage tool will benefit jobs requiring high torque, like cutting thick grass or drilling holes in tough wood.

What does my battery’s Ah rating mean?

Amp-hour determines how long a battery will hold a charge. A higher Ah rating allows for more prolonged use with less frequent charging.

For example, Whatever amount of time a 24V 2Ah battery will run for, a 24V 4Ah battery will run for double that amount of time. Equally it will require less frequent, but longer, periods of charging. 

Run-times vary for each tool and depend on usage, as well as ambient conditions. Please refer to the product specification page of your tool for a more accutate and specific quotation of run-time.

Here’s a breakdown of our four battery systems and what they’re good for:

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The Versatile 24V Range for Small Gardens and DIY

Our 24V battery system is ideal for home gardening and DIY needs. This battery system powers a wide range of tools for small to medium-sized gardens and home projects, from drills and saws to lawnmowers.

The 24V batteries and tools give you one more cell than most 20V batteries. This means more power, longer runtimes, higher speeds and better efficiency.

Runtime will vary depending on the intensity of application, but the 24V range is light, versatile, and ideally suited to household DIY jobs and small to medium-sized gardens.

The Convenient 40V Range for Medium-Sized Gardens

, Quick Guide To Batteries, Greenworks Tools

, Quick Guide To Batteries, Greenworks Tools

Our 40V range brings a new level of convenience to your gardening and DIY tasks.

Ideal for maintaining medium-sized gardens and homes, this everyday range will give you the correct voltage and tools to power through multiple items on your to-do list, so you can go straight from mowing the lawn to pressure washing the driveway.

Delivering more power while keeping the tools light and manoeuvrable, the 40V range is available in 2Ah, 4Ah, and 5Ah battery variations that work with all 40V tools.

For example, charge and runtimes vary, but for example, the 2A charger will bring a 40V 2Ah battery to full charge in 60 minutes and a 40V 4Ah battery to full charge in 120 minutes.

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The 48V Optimal Range for Medium to Large Gardens

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Greenworks’ latest range delivers optimal power and versatility intended for more extensive gardens and more demanding tasks at home and on the job.

This range uses two 24V batteries to power 48V motors.

For example, combining two 24V 2Ah batteries deliver 48V of power at 2Ah, discharging both batteries simultaneously.

This delivers twice the power and longer runtimes, and improved efficiency.

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The 60V Powerful Range for Large Gardens

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These tools have more power, extended runtimes, and top-of-the-range features for big gardens, sloping lawns, and thick vegetation.

60V tools deliver the equivalent of petrol power in a lightweight and eco-friendly format.

Powerful enough to mow 680m2 of lawn, trim mature hedges, and cut through thick tree limbs, you’ll still hear the birds chirp while you tackle your to-do list with quiet, cordless battery-powered machinery.

These tools use brushless motor technology to deliver superior runtimes, high speeds, and uncompromising power.

, Quick Guide To Batteries, Greenworks Tools

Explore the Right Power Range for Your Garden or DIY Project…

You can view each range on our website, where you’ll find more information about benefits, features, and performance…

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