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At certain times over the year, it is necessary to prune your trees, bushes and hedges.

When should I prune?

There are two specific periods every year, ideal for pruning. First period is shortly before spring arrives, in February or early March. The second is late in the summer, between July and September. Of course these are just general tips, remember to always consult with an expert before you start.

What do I need for pruning?

If you have a hedge, a nice hedge cutter will be sufficient for the job. In case you need to reach really high up, you may need a pole hedge trimmer, or a pole saw. If you need to cut really thick branches, you would need a chainsaw.

Why should I choose battery-powered tools?

There are many reasons to choose battery tools, here are some of them:

  1. No emissions. You don’t need to breathe in toxic emissions while working.
  2. Lower noise level. You don’t need to worry about long term exposure to loud noises as you work. 
  3. The flexibility. With a battery from Greenworks, you can use the same battery for your mower, as in your drill driver. Bare in mind that you can’t use batteries from one voltage in a tool from another voltage range.
  4. Less mess and maintenance. Don’t worry about changing oil, just charge your battery, and you are good to go!
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Chainsaws and Pruners


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Chainsaws and Pruners

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Chainsaws and Pruners

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