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Greenworks 24V Wet & Dry Vacuum

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Greenworks cordless vacuums for hassle-free hoovering

The Greenworks battery-powered hand-held vacuum cleaner is perfect for picking up both wet and dry debris around the home. Convenient and with a long life, it has high-powered suction and a long run time thanks to the 24V lithium-ion battery.

Large living room or small storage space? No problem

Greenworks cordless handheld vacuums are the perfect choice for those quick vacuuming jobs. Whether you want to vacuum part of your living room or small storage space, this battery-powered vac meets your needs perfectly, keeping your room, your car or your patio spotlessly clean. They are perfect for tight spots like car interiors and other surfaces than your floor, like countertops,curtains, shelves and windowsills.

No power cable getting in the way

Our battery-powered vac easily competes with mains operated cleaners, without a power cable to get in the way. And no more plugging in and out. Being cordless they can clean up that spilled flour or those small glass splinters before you even dig out your big vacuum cleaner – and start unravelling its cord.

24V lithium-ion battery for superior cleaning

Greenworks cordless vacuums boast an advanced, high-powered 24V lithium-ion battery, they help you get to grips with any job – from building to DIY. That means it not only picks up pet hair and fine dust it will also sweep away larger pebbles, chunks of food and things stuck to clingy surfaces that smaller powered vacuums may not be able to do. The advanced brushless motor ensures maximum power delivery, long life and extended runtimes compared to brushed motor equivalents. Best of all you can use the same battery to power all other Greenworks gardening and general tools in the same series. True cordless freedom.

Ergonomic handle for vacuuming in comfort

The smart, ergonomic design of a Greenworks battery-powered handheld vacuum cleaner lets you vacuum in comfort without putting any strain on your wrists and forearms. It’s easy to hold and operate and you can work for a long time without getting tired. And it helps you get to those awkward spots easily for a cleaner, brighter home – or car. Need to clean the outside of the car as well? Check out our pressure washers.