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Greenworks 24V Work Light




Greenworks 24V Speed Saw

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Greenworks 24V Multitool

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Heat Gun


Greenworks 24V Heat Gun

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Drain Auger


Greenworks 24V Drain Auger


Caulk Guns


Greenworks 24V Caulk Gun (Tool Only)

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Power Tools


Greenworks 24V Buffer Polisher

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Greenworks 24V Stapler

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Greenworks 24V Lantern

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Greenworks battery-powered tools – Probably the toughest on the market

Greenworks cordless power tools are among the toughest on the market today. Boasting an advanced, high-powered 24V lithium-ion battery, they help you get to grips with any job – from building to DIY. Advanced brushless motors ensure maximum power delivery, long life and extended runtimes compared to brushed motor equivalents. Best of all you can use the same battery to power all other Greenworks gardening and general tools in the same series. True cordless freedom.

A Greenworks cordless power tool for every job

From grinding to cutting, drilling to sanding and finally vacuuming up, there’s a Greenworks battery-powered tool to help you get the job done. Quickly, efficiently, and quietly. And the powerful 24V battery gives you cordless freedom to work where you want – without the inconvenience of being attached to a plug socket. It all adds up to greater productivity and better health and safety.

Lightweight 24V Lithium-Ion battery with 2Ah to power all your tools

The Greenworks robust, lightweight 24V 2Ah lithium-ion battery features the latest technology that gives you fast charging times, long runtimes and no self discharge. The integrated LED power indicator clearly shows the power level and when you need to charge your tools.

As part of the Greenworks 24V family, the battery can be used in a range of different tools apart from cordless power tools. These include lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chainsaws and more. The 2Ah battery offers 43.2 Watt hours of power, perfect for those light jobs around the garden. Ah is short for Amp hours, the higher the Amp hour, the longer the battery will power a product.

No cords, no cables, just freedom to do the job

Our cordless power tools easily compete with mains operated tools but without a power cable to get in the way. And no more plugging in and out. Being cordless you can drill that hole, grind that concrete, and screw in as many screws as you need to without having to get a traditional power tool and start unravelling its cord.

Power Tools - high power and long run time

We don't just make garden tools. Further extend the use of your 24v batteries with this selection of Power Tools from Greenworks. Our Power Tools are among the toughest in the market. With high power and long run times you can do all your building and DIY tasks with Greenworks!