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Greenworks battery-powered drills and screwdrivers – from heavy duty to light fittings

Choose from a complete range of cordless drills for every use, from heavy-duty professional work to screwing and unscrewing for any simple DIY job. Greenworks cordless hammer drills are designed for the most demanding jobs. They offer a lightweight, robust design and high-performance brushless motor with 2J of torque. Greenworks lightweight cordless drill drivers are perfect for most DIY tasks. These drills feature 35Nm of torque, 2 gears and a variable speed trigger for total control.

Drill from hard masonry to soft woods

Our battery-powered variable speed drills give you the different speeds and torque you need to drill into woods, metal and masonry. Greenworks cordless impact drivers come in different sizes for all screw driving tasks and offer plenty of power and torque to handle the biggest screws, while our high-performance cordless impact wrenches are perfect for tightening and untightening high torque fastenings.

Powerful cordless 4 in 1 hammer drill for all your DIY tasks

The Greenworks GD24SDS2 is a robust, lightweight and powerful 24V hammer drill designed for home and DIY tasks. The drill features a variable speed trigger for total control, and 4 in 1 function allows for drilling, hammer, chiselling, vario lock and rotation stop. Quick release SDS chuck makes changing tools effortless.

DigiPro brushless motor for extra power

The DigiPro Brushless motor provides extreme torque compared to drills with a standard brushed motor. That means a much higher power ratio and turning force, so you can easily drill into tough material. Powering tools such as the Greenworks GD24DD 24v Brushless Drill Driver you get optimum flexibility as it can handle all smaller jobs with ease, yet you can use it for more advanced work. On low speed this machine will handle the biggest screws and lag bolts, as well as forstner bits and flat bits for drilling large holes.

A smarter environmental choice

All Greenworks cordless drills are powered by our state-of-the-art 24v batteries. Our batteries use powerful lithium-ion cells which translates into more power, longer runtime, higher speeds and less noise. You buy batteries separately. Get the best value by buying a combined battery and charger kit. That way you’ll never run out of power – however much you use your tools.

Why own a Greenworks cordless drill?

A Greenworks cordless drill is the most essential power tool you’ll ever buy. You use it for big projects, such as wooden decking in your garden and refitting your kitchen or smaller jobs such as assembling furniture. You save hours and lots of manpower on every job you undertake.