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Grass Trimmers


Grass Trimmers


Greenworks 60V Bike Handle Brushcutter


Grass Trimmers


Greenworks 60V Loop Handle Brushcutter

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Grass Trimmers


Greenworks 48V (2 X 24V) Cow Horn Brush Cutter

Kit with Battery & Charger
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Greenworks battery-driven grass trimmers – for neatly trimmed lawns and whacking down weeds

From neatly trimming the edge of your lawn and flowerbeds to whacking down weeds and overgrown areas, the Greenworks range of cordless grass trimmers and brush cutters cope with anything you can throw at them. And give your lawn that beautifully manicured look.

Low noise, no emissions

All Greenworks cordless grass trimmers and brush cutters start first time, every time. They combine great power with long run time to keep working as long as you do. There’s no cord to cut or get in the way and no harmful emissions from petrol or gas. It all adds up to great performance from less effort. Best of all, you can choose the amount of power you want and use the same battery and charger to drive all your other Greenworks tools.

60v brush cutters – powerful performance with a choice of handles

Greenworks 60v battery-driven brush cutters are perfect for gardening and landscaping professionals. Easy and convenient, you can quickly whack down weeds and make light of clearing overgrown areas. Rivalling the power of petrol-driven brush cutters they work just as hard, but without the noise, the mess and the emissions. Choose from loop handle or bike handle brush cutters according to what suits you best. The Greenworks 60v platform is probably the best cordless system for homeowners and professional users, combining great power with excellent run time for a complete range of cordless tools.

Grass trimmers in sizes and power output to suit your needs

You’ll find something that matches your exact needs from our range of cordless grass trimmers. Choose from high-powered 40v line trimmers with changeable line trimming heads for cutting long grass, or blades for weeds and heavy growth. To cordless string trimmers that are ideal for small to medium gardens with up to 33cm cutting width and variable speed functions.

Combined lawnmower and line trimmer kits

Why buy one battery-driven product when you can upgrade with two – and both work on the same battery and charger. The Greenworks 48V (2 x 24V) battery-powered lawnmower and 24V line trimmer. It’s the easy and convenient way to replace older, noisier and more polluting tools with clean battery energy. Buy Greenworks cordless grass trimmers and brush cutters for that perfect lawn.