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Greenworks 60V Battery Charger

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Greenworks 60V Dual slot charger 6Ah

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Greenworks 82V Charger


Versatile Greenworks garden tool chargers for your every need

Greenworks garden tool batteries are the smart environmental choice – and there are lots of ways you can charge them. Green power to your garden. Our 60v and 40v tools can replace polluting petrol tools in your garden. And using our range of universal, fast, standard and twin chargers, you make sure your tools are up and running all the time. Our 24v chargers are perfect for smaller homes and gardens, offering excellent performance, power and run time. The battery and charger fit the Greenworks range of power tools –perfect for smaller gardens or where you need power tools occasionally.

Greenworks 40V Universal Charger for extended run time

The Greenworks 40V Universal Charger is compatible with all Greenworks 40V batteries – It will charge our standard 2.0Ah battery in around an hour, and the extended run time pack in under two. The charger also helps to maintain the life and quality of the battery cells, maximising the run time, life time and performance of your batteries.

Greenworks 24V Universal Charger for powering more than 75 tools

Ditch the hassles of gas in favour of an eco-friendly, hassle-free, powerful alternative. The Greenworks 24V battery platform powers a family of over 75+ tools for both indoor and outdoor use. Each charger has a diagnostic LED charging indicator that shows current charge level and any battery or charger issues. Charging times are as follows: 24V 1.5Ah (BAG711) battery in 45 minutes; 24V 2Ah (BAG708) battery in 60 minutes; 24V 4Ah (BAG709) battery in 120 minutes; 24V 5Ah (BAG710) battery in 150 minutes. You can use your charger on a bench top or mounted on the wall.

Greenworks 40v fast battery charger

The Greenworks Fast Charging System for 40V batteries charges them to 100% in only 30 minutes (2Ah). The fast charger has exchangeable connection cables with optional VDE and BS plugs so you can use it for different sockets to charge your batteries in the house, the garage or tool shed. The powerful charger is compatible with all 40V batteries from Greenworks. The smart LED display shows you current charge status of the battery so you can see at a glance when the battery is fully charged.

Greenworks 24V Standard Charger

The Greenworks 24V Standard Charger is compatible with all Greenworks 24V batteries. it offers 240 minutes of charging on the 2Ah battery so you can get back to the job you’re doing so much quicker.

Greenworks 60V Standard Charger that puts the power into cordless power tools

If you’re looking for professional tools to take on tougher jobs, you can now go cordless. The Greenworks 60V family of tools are designed using medium/heavy duty-construction and materials, high-efficiency motors anda universal 60V battery system that works across multiple products. And the charger gets them back to full power in no time.

You get a gas-equivalent power for your gardening and DIY needs. The powerful Greenworks 60V cordless battery platform gives you all the power you need to tackle all your lawn care projects. Kick out gas and go green with no fumes, no mixing, no maintenance and no pull cords.