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Saw chains


Saw Chain

SKU: HP-322

40cm Chainsaw Chain Loop


Saw chains made from high quality steel

Replace your saw chain with a Greenworks original made from high quality steel. A damaged saw chain will affect your cutting performance, and can even be dangerous. Make sure you have a replacement saw chain available so you can get the job done without any interruptions.

The right size for the job

Greenworks saw chains are available in 20 cm, 25 cm, 30cm and 40 cm sizes to fit the type of chainsaw you have.

Chainsaw chain – increase your chainsaw performance

Increase chainsaw performance with a new chain. It’s the key component of your chainsaw. If you want your chainsaw to perform well and really cut through wood, you need to take care of it. When you buy a new saw chain the chains will be sharp and brand new. But eventually even the sharpest chainsaw chain will lose its edge, so it is important to maintain it and later on invest in a new one. Greenworks saw chains are extremely high quality made from the best quality steel.

Saw chain tune-up tips

Let’s face it, the chain does all the work on a chainsaw so it’s important you care for it as much as you would for your saw. Some tips to make sure it cuts sharper than ever are: Make sure you don’t hit the ground, rocks, or any other abrasive material while cutting; always sharpen your chain cutters to the correct angles; don’t let the chain sag – keep checking its tension; don't cut with a dull chain, it increases the risk of you getting hurt and will damage the chainsaw; inspect the chain often for signs of wear or damage, and of course, always wear protective gloves.

Don’t forget to lubricate your saw chain

Battery-powered chainsaws run on electric power, so they don't need any added oil. But the saw chain needs to be properly lubricated. Use a high-quality lubricant to keep your chain tip-top.