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Pressure washer accessories

Pressure Washer Accessories

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Greenworks Foam Sprayer Assembly


Greenworks pressure washer accessories

The Greenworks high pressure foam sprayer helps you get the most out of your Greenworks electric pressure washers. It makes washing vehicles, exterior sidings and windows so much easier.

Order a complete foam sprayer assembly for Greenworks pressure washers to make them as good as new.

Gets your vehicles perfectly clean

The Greenworks high pressure foam sprayer is perfect to easily and quickly clean your cars, motorbikes, electric vehicles, and anything else you want to foam spray. You can even clean windows – and wash your pets!

Makes your Greenworks high pressure washer more versatile

With a high water flow and water temperatures of up to 40 degrees, you can spray clean almost anything. There’s a quick snap-on connection too to get spraying fast. Compatible with all Greenworks pressure washers, the high pressure foam sprayer has a simple on/off dial and offers a universal fit, connecting with all major pressure washers.

Tips for cleaning your car with a Greenworks high pressure foam sprayer

It’s important to clean your car to keep it looking as good as new. Experts recommend washing it about once every two weeks. Using a Greenworks high pressure foam sprayer you can do it quick, easy and effectively.

When you pre-rinse your car with a Greenworks high pressure washer the strong water stream breaks road dirt, bugs, bird droppings and more. You can then use the cleaner you like in the Greenworks high pressure foam sprayer that lets you foam the whole car, even underneath the tyre wells. The final rinse is also quicker and more efficient, making your car look as good as new.

Why order a pressure washer?

A pressure washer does the heavy job for you. Cleaning jobs are easy and you get time over for other things you enjoy. But if you ask us, using a pressure washer is the fun thing we enjoy. You decide for yourself if you want to spend your saturday using the foam sprayer or spend it on other activities. We know what we would choose – the pressure washer.

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