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Chainsaw oils

Greenworks premium bar and chainsaw oil helps you get the best from your Greenworks cordless chainsaws and pole saws.


SKU: HP-146

Chainsaw Chain Oil 1L


Chainsaw oil to extend the life of your Greenworks cordless chainsaw

Our high-quality chainsaw oil has an anti-fling formula to protect the chain and bar from wear & tear. This extends chain life and gives you better cutting performance. Chainsaw oil is suitable for all long reach pruner attachments using a bar & chain combination.

Premium lubricant for any chainsaw

The Greenworks premium bar and chainsaw oil works with any model of chainsaw or pole saw. Of course, it’s produced to get the best from your Greenworks cordless chainsaws and pole saws, but improves performance on any battery powered, gas or electric saw.

Chainsaw oils that reduces heat and friction, extending the life of your chain

Greenworks chainsaw oil helps lubricate the chain and helps keep the dust down while you are using your chainsaw. It improves cutting performance by reducing heat and friction and helps keep the chain from getting gummed up when cutting through sappy wood. That way it extends the life of the guide bar and chain.

Applying your Greenworks chainsaw oil

Battery-powered chainsaws don’t need oil for an engine. They don’t have one. But the bar and chain still need to be lubricated. Adding bar and chain oil to a Greenworks chainsaw is simple. Remove the screw cap on top of the saw. Then add the oil can using a funnel. You can see the oil level through the clear plastic side panel. Make sure you don’t overfill the reservoir.

The only chainsaw oil you ever need with Greenworks products

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