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Lawn mower accessories

Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA33304493

Lawnmower Blade


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA311051479

Lawnmower Safety Key – GWRA311051479


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA333022330

46cm Lawnmower Blade – GWRA333022330


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA333041179

51cm Lawnmower Blade


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWR0100361-00

Blade – GWR0100361-00 & GW2922207

Out of stock

Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GW29547

Lawnmower Red Safety Key


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA33310493

14” Blade

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Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: HP-328

46cm Lawnmower Blade


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GW3410539-2

Red Key – GW3410539-2

Out of stock

Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA341091558

Rear Plug Assembly – GWRA341091558


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA333041511E


Out of stock

Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GW2928207

Optimow Lawnmower Blade & Screws Set


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA341121558

Rear wheel assembly – GWRA341121558


Greenworks lawn mower accessories

Greenworks lawn mower accessories include lawn mower blades made from premium steel to last longer and cut sharper. And replacement safety keys for your lawnmower. Lost your key? No problem. Order another from us and get it delivered fast.

Super sharp blades

Greenworks lawn mower blades are made of heat-treated steel. That keeps them really sharp, and allows them to cut really precisely.

Get the right size for your Greenworks lawn mower

Make sure you order the right lawnmower blade size to suit your mower. Greenworks lawn mower blade sizes include 35 cm, 41 cm, 46 cm and 51 cm. Be careful as all blades look the same. If you order from our web shop, you’ll need to take the guesswork out of buying replacement blades. Simply make sure you check the size against the lawnmower you have, for example: Suitable for the G40LM35 (2501907) & G24X2LM36 (2512507UCUK) Lawnmowers.

Single or twin pack?

Greenworks lawn mower blades are available both as single and twin pack kits.

Easy to remove, simple to sharpen

It’s easy to remove Greenworks lawn mower blades. Once you’ve removed the blade, clean off the dried grass and dirt using a hose and brush. Place the blade in a vice with the sharp edge facing outward. Clamp it hard so it doesn’t move. Then sharpen the blade with a file or drill-attached grinder. Sharpen lightly using long strokes to get an even pattern on the blade. The blade comes with an instruction manual that clearly describes the steps for removing the old blade and installing the new one