Grass Trimmer Accessories

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Grass Trimmer Accessories


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: HP-330

Greenworks 3 x 1.6mm Twin Line Spools 21107


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: HP-331

Greenworks 3 x 1.65mm Single Line Spools


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: GW34121186-2

Greenworks Spool Cover / Cap – GW34121186-2


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: GWRA3411546AV6

Greenworks Spool Cover / Cap – GWRA3411546AV6

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Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: HP-375

Greenworks 1 x 1.6mm Twin Line Spool


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: GWRA311161437A

Greenworks Cutting Head Assembly Compatible with GD40BC


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: GWRA341011429V1

Greenworks Trimmer Head 40T07 – GWRA341011429V1


Greenworks grass trimmer accessories for neater gardens

How low do you want your grass to go? Choose from different sizes and thicknesses of line spool to get the finish you need. Our original line spools offer faster cutting, lower noise and increased run-time on our battery powered products. You get the strength and durability you need for optimal cutting performance.

Greenworks line spools for excellent gardening results

A rotating Greenworks nylon line spool gives you perfect cutting results in the tightest of spaces. Mounted on the strimmer they cut long grass quickly, efficiently and easily. Rugged and durable, line spools are available in packs of three spools pre-fitted with either 1.6mm or 1.65mm nylon line. Alternatively, you can buy a one-pack 1.6mm line spool.

Greenworks nylon line for faster cutting

Greenworks nylon line ensures a faster cut, less effort when you are cutting, lower noise & increased battery run time on your Greenworks battery powered trimmers and products from other suppliers. Nylon line is available in 2mm and 1.6mm thicknesses at a length of 15 m.

Cutting lines adjust automatically so you never have to worry about having the right length. When it no longer adjusts it’s time to buy a new line.

Greenworks spool cap to protect your spool

Spool caps protect line spools for fast, safe and uninterrupted grass cutting. Now you can cut longer and more safely while saving money on new accessories.

Greenworks complete cutting head assembly

Replace the complete cutting head assembly with this easy to install kit.

Why use nylon line?

Along with lawn mowers, nylon line trimmers are a major time-saving gardening tool. Grass or weed-trimming jobs can take half a day by hand, but you can do it in half an hour or less with a Greenworks grass trimmer. You can even tilt it to edge along walks or garden beds. The rapid whirling action of a nylon string has lots of advantages over other hand tools as you can cut right up to walls.

Safety first

Always wear strong shoes or boots when you are using your Greenworks grass trimmer. And maybe think about wearing goggles as you might get grass in your face.