Accessories & Spare Parts

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Don’t work harder, work smarter – with Greenworks garden tool accessories


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: HP-330

3 x 1.6mm Twin Line Spools


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: HP-331

3 x 1.65mm Single Line Spools



SKU: HP-146

Chainsaw Chain Oil 1L


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA33304493

35cm Lawnmower Blade


Accessories & Spare Parts

SKU: GWRA333161559

41cm Lawnmower Blade- GWRA333161559 / GW2920207


Blower & Vacuum Accessories

SKU: GWRA37901142V

Collection Bag


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: GW34121186-2

Spool Cover / Cap – GW34121186-2


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA311051479

Lawnmower Safety Key – GWRA311051479


Accessories & Spare Parts

SKU: GWRA3410835AB

Locking Knob Assembly – GWRA3410835AB


Lawnmower Accessories

SKU: GWRA333022330

46cm Lawnmower Blade – GWRA333022330


Accessories & Spare Parts

SKU: GWRA311031558

Switch Box Assembly – GWRA311031558


Saw Chain

SKU: HP-323

20cm Chainsaw Chain Loop


Grass Trimmer Accessories

SKU: HP-375

1 x 1.6mm Twin Line Spool


Greenworks garden tool accessories – for every gardening job

You buy Greenworks tools because they work. And they work smart. It’s all about doing a maximum job in minimum time and effort. It’s the same with our user-friendly garden tool accessories. Based on smart, simple technology to get the job done, our accessories cover all your gardening needs. And what’s more, because everything is based on green battery power, our accessories help you shape that perfect garden without using harmful petrol products. And when you choose original garden tool accessories from Greenworks, you know you’re buying long-lasting products designed to work seamlessly with the Greenworks system. Good for you, great for your garden.