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Convert to battery tools – you’ll never look back!

Greenworks Tools offers you the best of todays’ technology. Change your garden tool from awkward electric and polluting petrol to convenient, green Lithium Ion battery versions.

In the sections below you will find our latest cordless products. With Greenworks Cordless Technology there is nothing that you can’t do with a battery product. Electric tools are heavy and have that cable that gets in the way, and sometimes cut through. Petrol Tools are hard to start, they smell, get hot and let out a lot of terrible emissions. You get none of that with battery tools. They start first time, are quite often lighter, run quieter and have no emissions in use.

Convert to Battery today – you’ll never look back.

Lawn Mowers

48V (2 x 24V) 41cm Lawn Mower

£279.99 £229.99


24V 2.0Ah Battery

£54.99 £49.99


24V Orbital Sander

£69.99 £39.99


40V Universal Charger

£59.99 £39.99


40V 4.0Ah Battery

£149.99 £129.99

Grass Trimmers

40V 30cm Linetrimmer


Chainsaws and Pruners

40V Multi Tool


Lawn Mowers

48V (2 x 24V) 36cm Lawn Mower

£249.99 £199.99


40V 2.0Ah Battery

£99.99 £79.99

Blowers and Vacs

40V 114 mph Blower & Vacuum


Lawn Mowers

40V 41cm Lawn Mower



24V Variable Speed Drill Driver

£59.99 £39.99


24V Circular Saw

£99.99 £69.99
£69.99 £49.99


24V Standard Charger

£35.99 £29.99


24V Hand Vac

£49.99 £39.99

Grass Trimmer Accessories

15m x 2mm Undulated Nylon Line


Hedge Cutters

24V 51cm Long Reach Hedgecutter