New garden trends for 2021

Get inspired and revive your garden with the latest trends · 4 mins reading

Tired of your current garden or just in the mood for some change? Have a look at the garden trends for 2021 and get inspired. In the this article we tell you all about the following new trends:

  1. The garden as a place of relaxation and peace
  2. The grow-your-own trend
  3. Outdoor kitchens
  4. Urban gardening
  5. Environmental flora
, New garden trends for 2021, Greenworks Tools

The garden as a place of relaxation and peace

The garden as a place of relaxation and peace will be one of the trends for this year. Besides all the hard  work it takes to maintain a garden, it should also serve as an oasis to recharge your own batteries. There are a few easy tricks that will help you to find joy in nature and to skip the stress a garden can cause. One easy tip is to make sure you remove all flora that has no ecological benefits and instead causes unnecessary work. Alternatively choose flowers that only require modest maintenance and perennials that come back each year. Another new trend that will help you to reduce stress is automated gardening tools. Many people don’t have the time to invest a lot of time in garden care and the new products can help them to see that gardening doesn’t always require a lot of work. Trending are especially automated watering systems and robotic lawn mowers. Controlled by your mobile phone they take care of your lawn even in your absence.

, New garden trends for 2021, Greenworks Tools

The grow-your-own trend

Many predicted the grow-your-owntrend to become even more popular this year. A garden should not only be seen as a place to find peace but also as a place with a purpose. Make use of your garden by planting your own vegetables and berries or taste a cocktail with herbs that you picked from your own plants. Ever tried edible flowers? They can add a wonderful and creative touch to your food. 

, New garden trends for 2021, Greenworks Tools

Outdoor kitchens

For those who are open for bigger changes, a new interesting trend is outdoor kitchens. This includes not only simple barbecues, but much more advanced outdoor kitchens that let you cook under the sky and enjoy your garden at a whole new level. There are very many types of outdoor kitchens, from simple to more advanced and you can choose whatever suits your lifestyle best. Make sure you take the weather condition in your region into account. Avoid windy and cold spots and consider covering your outdoor kitchen under a canvas or patio roof so that the rain won’t stop you from enjoying cooking outside.   

, New garden trends for 2021, Greenworks Tools

Urban gardening

This year also offers interesting trends for gardening lovers living inurban areas. People living in urban areas usually don’t have a lot of space to work with. The focus on urban gardeners is reflected in new ideas for growing plants in and on everything you have available, such as flowerbeds in boxes or transforming grey walls into green curtains of plants. Besides, if you want to add an urban touch to your country garden, urban gardening ideas can also easily be adapted to larger spaces.

As the general trend goes towards having a smaller garden, people might start to see their garden more as a part of their living area. Thus, decorating and accessorizing your garden in your favorite colors and with nice materials can make all the difference. Others on the other hand is predicting a colorful cherry red to be the trend. Whether you chose to follow the trends or not, make sure you use a color that harmonizes with the rest of your garden. 

, New garden trends for 2021, Greenworks Tools

Environmental flora

When it comes to flora the current trends direct us to more environmental cautious flora choice that have an ecological use. Consider to plant bee friendly plants such as lavender or rhododendron to encourage pollination. Another option is to plant flora that attracts ladybirds and lacewings such as marigold and sunflowers, which can be of help in case your garden suffers from an aphid infestation, thus limiting damage. That the environmental aspect gains even more importance this year is also reflected in the trend that more and more manufacturers offer flowers pots made of organic material and more environmentally friendly weed killers.

, New garden trends for 2021, Greenworks Tools

Whether you choose to implement all or just some of the new trends make sure you have a second look at your budget and most importantly – take your time. Are you in need of further assistance and support? Contact your local gardening center and get expert advice.

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